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Hyde Park House residences include unique access to public and private facilities to enrich life with balance and meaning.

Hyde Park House residents get unique access to the amenities; including the gym, bar, pool, restaurant and other properties and facilities.
Sculpture Garden

An urban oasis developed to recharge the senses after a busy day, it fuses the best of local art and garden design, curated by HAZARD Gallery.

The Club House

An extension to your home; our Club House features a spacious living room & parlour, a 24-seat screening room, plus meeting spaces for member events and live performances.

The Pool Side

Relax at the pool's edge. Or, jump in for a refreshing swim in the midday heat. The Pool Side will be your socialising hub of choice, drink in hand.

The Urban Farm

At Hyde Park house we celebrate local food, culture and community. So try your hand at becoming an urban farmer and pick your own tomatoes.

Our Backyard

Give your kids the chance to play and make friends in our specially-designed playground.

Bike Services

We believe that bikes connect us to ourselves and to our communities. So, bike racks and biking groups will be the order of the day at Hyde Park House.

The Jungle Gym

This is your personal yoga and fitness centre hidden within the Hyde Park House garden. It will seamlessly integrate exercise with your everyday routine.

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